Avery Arched Wine Labels with Sure Feed for Laser Printers, 4.75″ x 3.5″, 40 White Labels (22826)

51ZzO34U3BL. AC51ArccWMaXL. AC51a+vqijFhL. AC51zjikB1HHL. AC41dpcC21+3L. AC41qsiAmalhL. AC51YGeaXk+JL. AC, Created for wine bottles, these arched labels are a great way to establish the brand of entrepreneurial winemakers. The water resistant labels allow bottles to be kept refrigerated or endure damp conditions without damaging the design. These bottle labels also make for convincing gag gifts when applied over existing wine labels. Print your labels smoothly without any jams or misalignments with Avery Sure Feed technology. The Avery Print-to-the-Edge design also lets you create full-bleed artwork that fills the entire label. And, once applied, the permanent adhesive will make sure the label holds fast to multiple surfaces apart from glass including paper, cardboard, plastic, film and painted metals. The unique Easy Peel Avery label design also allows you to apply labels as quickly as you need them. Just fold the sheet back to display the label edges for convenient and fast peeling.
Ensure a clean printing job without any jams or misalignments using Avery Sure Feed technology
Keep your labels secure when chilled or exposed to water with these water resistant labels
Print beautiful labels with full-bleed backgrounds; Avery Print-to-the-Edge technology allows you to go past the cutting edge
Perfect for glass bottles the permanent adhesive keeps Avery labels secure on a variety of additional surfaces such as envelopes cardboard plastic and metal, $18.22, $18.22 - $16.84


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