Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses – 18 Ounce – Wine Glass Clear (Set of 4)

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Product Description

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Stable Base

When it comes to your wine, stability is what you need most. A stable base ensures your wine remains intact even when slid across a table or set down too harshly.

Elegant Stem

Well, it’s the part you hold after all. The stem is delicately crafted to enable you to easily—and elegantly—swivel your drink.

Wide Bowl

Not all wines are created equal; bring the most out of yours. Wide bowl allows you to swivel your wine, extracting the heavenly aromas and flavors.

Laser Cut Rim

Ah, for the joy of pure, rich wine. Laser-cut rim ensures you don’t taste glass when you bring it to your lips. Ultrathin, yet sturdy enough you shouldn’t need to worry about it chipping in your mouth.

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wine glasses, goblets,wine glasses, goblets, Product Details: 18 Ounce Each Lead-Free Glass High-Quality Glass Ultraclear Dishwasher safe Italian Made

Product Description

You chose your wine; choose its glass.

Your wine is a prize, a class of its own, a real work of art. We know. And we are presenting you now with a wineglass to match. A wide bowl allows you to swivel your wine, bringing out the aroma and flavor. The rim is extra fine, so all you taste when you bring it to your lips is the rich wine. Know your class. Chose a wineglass accordingly.

Of the finest and greatest only. Crafted of the most excellent Italian glass to be found, the glasses are shatter resistant. No more worrying about people handling it less than gently. What to get your beer enthusiast? Search no more. This beautiful wineglass will delight every alcohol lover out there. Elegant yet functional. Delicate yet durable. Get onto their love list. Everyone here to party, disappears when time to clean? Don’t be the one left scrubbing and scouring. Deposit glasses in the dishwasher and begone alongside everyone else. We won’t shatter your dreams. Glasses will arrive safely and securely packaged, all ready to light up your life. And enjoy popping those bubbles while you’re at it.

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Made in Italy, this exquisite 4 piece, 18 oz wine glass set feature luxurious and luminous Italian-crafted glass that’s sure to turn heads, add beauty to your bar top, and make the perfect Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion gift.
This special stemware set is made of exclusive Star Glass; a lead-free chemical composition that produces ultra clear, pure, and stunning wine glasses.
The laser cut glass process delivers uniform and thin rims on the large red wine glasses, enhancing the perceived quality and flavor of any red wine.
This large wine glass has a stout bulb shape that feels natural and comfortable when cradled in the hand while also allowing the red wine to breathe enhancing its flavors and releasing its decadent aromas.
The dishwasher safe burgundy wine glass set is finished in the premier XLT Treatment; an innovative technology that reinforces the pinot noir wine glasses’ stem resistance against the most common causes of breakage., $39.99, $39.99 - $21.99


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