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Do You Make This One Simple Mistake in Your Marketing?

Do You Assume Just Because You Have A Web Site People Will
Remember You And What You Do?

Did you know that the human mind must be penetrated about nine times to move a person from total apathy to make a purchase?

Here’s a simple way to overcome this without touching your web site! Use a Video Business Card!

A Video Business Card is a simple, cost effective, easy way to advertise your business! Use it as an email attachment, on social media, on blogs! Think about it, every time you send an email you attach a quick easy to watch video that reminds people what you do. And does this for about 44 cents a day (US).

A Video Business Card complements your existing advertising  tools (web site, paper business cards, blogs, direct mail, etc.) and draws people to you quicker than them going through all the details on your site to see if you can help them! Click here for more information:

A video business card does not take the place of your web site! But, on the other hand it can be used as a web site if you want! Look over the table below for  the differences between a video business card, a paper business card and a business card magnet.

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