ZenZoi Luxury Black Pen Set with Fine Point Rollerball Schneider Ink. High End Executive Pen for Women or Men. Elegant Nice Well-Balanced Smooth Writing Pen. Include 2 (Black + Blue) Refill & Gift Box

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ZenZoi pens were designed to deliver peak writing performance paired with a timeless design.
Adorned with discreet details that carry finesse, a black on silver color scheme translated into a full metal body and a precision Ballpoint mechanism for smooth ink flow- our pen bears all the signature ZenZoi marks.
Decisions That Carry Weight
Like your decisions, our Luxury pens for men or women are products of thorough thinking, refinement & savviness; We leave nothing to chance:
✒ Classic Looks: Created for the sophisticated man or woman that knows how business should be carried, the Black pen scheme is simply timeless.
✒ Metal Construction: Enhanced, well-balanced body weight that feels substantial to hold and extraordinary to put to paper. A great refillable pen for women and/or men
✒ Consistent Ink Flow: For a deliberately flawless writing experience, with no blotches, bleeding or skipping, our rollerball fine point pen delivers smooth ink-flow that satisfies. This business executive pen works with must 110 mm long ink cartridges such as Schneider Topball 850 & Schmidt 888
Designed to appeal to the professional, the pen connoisseur, the enthusiast- our pen ticks all the boxes of what composites a Classic Writing Piece.
A Gift Most Impressive
Our box contains:
➤ ZenZoi Rollerball Pen
➤ 2x (Blue+Black) Fine point 0.5mm Schneider Ink Cartridges
➤ Premium Gift Case
The ZenZoi sumptuous gifting experience features all the subtleties that are bound to impress even the most demanding receivers, upon any occasion.
Fully Backed By Our 60-Day Refund Policy if Not 100% Satisfied
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THE ROYAL STANDARD IN PENMANSHIP- Created to cater to a highly-demanding audience, the ZenZoi Rollerball Pen Fine Point brings together finesse and functionality, into a timeless writing piece. Minimalistic design elements combine on a full metal body with a Black and Silver scheme, for the ultimate ZenZoi experience.
WELL-BALANCED FEEL & DESIGN- Our approach to designing the ZenZoi liquid ink rollerball Black Pen manages to strike the perfect balance between feeling substantial to hold, yet easy to write with for prolonged times. Enjoy a refined build with a smooth writing performance and timeless looks.
FLAWLESS INK FLOW- Putting pen to paper feels smooth, natural and uninterrupted. Thanks to the Schneider pens ink 0.5mm Black & Blue ink cartridge that delivers a consistent performance, with no bleeding, skipping or blotching- simply flawless.
A VERSATILE INSTRUMENT- For the business professional, the journalist, the artist, the calligrapher, anyone who loves keeping a journal. This highly versatile luxury pen is a remarkably versatile writing piece that will be there for all the important signatures & words of your life.
A GIFT OF PRESTIGE- The ZenZoi Rollerball Pens come packed in a high-end Gift Case that adds to the unboxing experience and our gift set is complete with 2x Schneider Ink Cartridge Refills (Black & Blue). Impress and spoil loved ones, friends and family upon any occasion with a prestigious nice pen for women or men,


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